Pregnant with baby #3!



Surprise! After a year of not posting one blog post, I am pregnant for the third time! This time it sure hit us by surprise as it was not planned at all! It took me about a month to actually assimilate the news after I got the BFP from my first response, as I was hit by a wave of nausea just minutes before then. “HOLY SHIT,” I thought to myself as I punched my husband in his arm saying, “I am effin PREGNANT!” I was a bit disappointed in myself too, I was working so hard on losing weight that I never shed from my first pregnancy still. Even though, we did not use any contraceptives or birth controls I had been certain that we were done having more children. I had been on the Keto Diet for about three months, with a total weight loss of thirty pounds and I only had twenty more pounds to go! I know you are thinking, HOLY COW, you must have been huge, but yes I gained over SEVENTY pounds with my first pregnancy! However, I had kept the extra twenty pounds on after my second daughter too.

Fast forward, I am twenty-one weeks as of today and it finally hit me that in four months we will have a little baby again! I get anxious over it and try to research a lot about life with three kids and how to manage your life better as far as schedules, etc. go However, I will be completely honest with you that my oldest still sleeps in the same room as us. I suck at sleep training nor have I ever really even tried. I had to buy her a twin size bed to sleep in our room as my king bed was lacking the room for the four of us! So here I am, thinking how I can transition these two munchkins at four years old and eighteen months to move them out of my room for good! Am I the only human being in this world who did this to herself?! I know I am freaking nuts and what kills me even more is that my husband has adjusted to this as well! Can you feel the anxiety kicking in?! You must know how I feel now!

On top of the wonderful sleep training I must do now, I also will have to go back on my wonderful postpartum exercise and diet regime once again as I am up already fifteen pounds at twenty-one weeks and the pounds just keep piling up. To be quiet honest, I am hungry all the time and quiet frankly, if I don’t eat those hormones jump at anyone in sight! I think the stress and anxiety that just keep piling up show how much work I have to look forward to along with my sleepless nights. However, this time I want to share it, for the sense of therapy for myself, I need an outlet, and for the humor of any other person thinking how chaotic and unorganized this mom is! I am no Instagram momma! Actually, I had even deleted my Instagram account for the sake of my own mental health. I had become depressed over the fact that these perfect Instagram moms were able to just two months postpartum fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes and wear a two piece bikini! Well, I am not that momma and quiet frankly, I don’t strive to be a show-off about that type of stuff! Of course, I want to be healthy for the sake of my children.

If you are wondering what this post was about, I really don’t know, I guess it was a post to vent more so than anything. I do want to start documenting how sleep training is going and pregnancy the third time around as I can ASSURE it will be my last. We are excited to finally have a baby BOY in the family as my husband had been outnumbered by the amount of estrogen that was flowing around our home. I on the other hand, will need to look at the explicit fact that I will be a momma of three and that I will need to get my ducks in a row if I ever want to see the light at the end of the tunnel again! I do believe God works in mysterious ways, with his own sense of humor, and that I will make it through!


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Pumpkin Patch 2017

This past weekend, we had planned to take the kids to the pumpkin patch we had been going to the past three years. Growing up with a different cultural background, my parents did not take me to a pumpkin patch. Once I had my own children, we started our own traditions, and the pumpkin patch is definitely one of our annual outings. I had a blast the first time I went with Aleena and I am kind of bummed I missed out going as a kid. However, I look at the positive outcome that my first pumpkin patch outing was with my daughter, it was a first for the both of us. That makes it so much more special to me.

The car ride to the Pumpkin Patch was harsh! Zara has been teething for a few months now and no, I am NOT joking about that. The past week has been intense with the teething situation. Aleena was eight months when she got her first tooth and Zara is a week away from turning eight months. My wild guess is the girls are pretty close to being on the same teething schedule. I am NOT complaining though, since I am breastfeeding!

I was pretty dissapointed that the pumpkin  patch we had been taking Aleena to the past three years was closed down, so we did a quick search and found one that was a bit further out, about forty minutes from our home. Luckily, the weather was just perfect, late afternoon. I was so glad that the outfit I had picked for the girls was weather appropriate. I have linked below their outfits, if you are interested. Also, I love Zara’s new moccasins by Freshly Picked.

The place we ended up going to was actually a farm, but they turned it into a pumpkin patch for the kids. Zara wasn’t too fond of her first hay ride. She wanted to jump out of our arms so I let the hubby take over and hold her. Aleena really enjoyed the ride around the big corn maze. We were able to see some ponies, pigs, goats, cows, and even bunnies!

pumkinpatchIs it just me or am I the mom who can’t get her kids to look directly at the camera when photographing?! Look how cute they are, I absolutely love this picture! Outfit details linked below.

pumkinpatch4Aleena loved watching the ponies. It’s probably because she is such a big fan of My Little Pony.  It brought me back to my childhood in Germany as we rode the little ponies in the city.

pumkinpatch5Daddy with his two girls enjoying the hay ride.

pumkinpatch6Isn’t being a kid just the best thing in the world?! I love watching Aleena use her imagination and just be a free spirit. It seriously is the most gratifying thing in the world.pumkinpatch1Not the most flattering picture of me and my hair was blowing all over the place.  I don’t know what I was thinking about wearing white Converse to a farm, DON’T DO IT! Also, I wanted a picture with my girls!

Girls’ Outfit Details

Trick or Treat Shirt


Aleena’s Shoes

Moccasins Not available ):