My husband and I thought it would be a fun idea not to find out the gender of our last baby since it was a, “surprise baby.” As we got closer to the second trimester, I started becoming curious and really wanted to buy stuff for the baby. I didn’t know if I could hold out all the way to delivery in order to find out the sex. After watching so many gender reveal videos, I decided to confront my husband and ask him what he had thought of the idea going to an early gender reveal ultrasound and having the gender of the baby put in an envelope to do a surprise gender reveal ourselves. He definitely was up for the idea! It was absolutely the best experience of our lives, not to mention it was a perk to see the baby on the ultrasound once again!

We decided to make the gender reveal special to the four of us. I wanted to capture the moment on a video and reveal the gender of our baby to our families and friends through the video. My mom had gone to the beach with us to record the video. It was with a doubt a life changing experience to have the gender revealed to us this way. I didn’t expect my husband to get so emotional when the balloons popped out, but I don’t blame him after two girls he was outnumbered!

I would recommend this idea to anyone thinking about making their last pregnancy special. I like to share these moments with our families, but it seemed so much more natural and significant to have us four partake in this event. Aleena was so happy, I even had the girls do silly string while we opened up the box. Zara was too young to really comprehend what was going on, but they had a lot of fun on the beach. I had my mom take some photos too. This video will be shared to the family for years to come and we will be able to share this moment with our little boy.